Western Small Business Accelerator

The Western Small Business Accelerator gives mature existing companies access to instructional workshops, key resource providers, and other support to help them expand & create jobs for the local community. The Western Small Business Accelerator will be divided into four phases 1. Finance 2. Entrepreneurship (Profitable Strategic Planning), 3. Marketing (Growth and Profitability) and 4. Expansion (Operational Management). Each phase will include a six-week instructional workshop with each workshop lasting one-hour. As micro business owners go through the phases, they will have access to key resources providers for 9 months.  

1.) Finance                                       

3.) Marketing (Growth and Profitability)            

Phase 1 Workshop Series

Social Media


12:00 pm

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Marketing Strategy & Consumer Behavior

12:00 pm

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Financial Benchmarks & Managerial Accounting


12:00 pm

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Financial Statements: Decision-Making & Raising Capital


12:00 pm

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Phase 2 Accounting Series

Your Balance Sheet

Friday 6/5 10:00 AM

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Your Income Statement

Friday 6/12 10:00 AM 

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Your Statement of Cashflows

Friday 6/19 10:00 AM 

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The Interaction of the Financial Statements

Friday 6/26 10:00 AM 

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2.) Entrepreneurship (Profitable Strategic Planning)      

4.) Expansion (Operational Management)

Phase 3 Entrepreneurship Series

Revenue and Key Resources

Monday 7/20 8:30 AM

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Key Activities and Partners

Monday 7/27 8:30 AM

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Cost Structure

Monday 8/3 8:30 AM

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Final Business Model Canvas

Monday 8/10 8:30 AM

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Phase 4 Quickbooks 

QuickBooks Bookkeeping & Accounting Software: Part 1

Friday 9/4 08:20 AM

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QuickBooks Bookkeeping & Accounting Software: Part 2

Friday 9/11 8:16 AM

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Review of the Accounting Process and Ratio Analysis

Friday 9/18 08:26 AM

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Success Stories & Testimonials


The information and structure of WCRA is the most solid information highway for small businesses. Keep it moving. Thank you....

                                                                                                               - Darryl Varner

Every Small Business Person shall connect with WCRA in order to learn how to strive through this pandemic. Don’t get left behind when it’s over. Join today.


   - Dr. Micheal K. Williams, Executive Director of Miles                                                                                                                                  College Community Development Corporation 

He is a true strategist, partner, and ecosystem builder who gets amazing things done despite limited resources and capacity. One of his recent accomplishments includes launching the new small business accelerator in West Birmingham, which is partnering with UA faculty and students to provide technical assistance. 

                                                                                                                - Emily Jerkins

Jeremy Duckworth Thank you for the 4 1/2 year partnership with Fairfield, first as Fairfield Business Alliance (FBA) And now with WCRA. As I have shared with you many times in meetings with potential businesses, we really appreciate all of the hard work you do to bring new businesses to Fairfield.

You are always on point with the ribbon cuttings as you did with Goudy’s yesterday and Urban Smoke a year ago and others over the years. Again, thank you!


- Eddie Penny, Mayor of Fairfield, AL

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